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Art today is about starting dialogues, where visual art is a mode of communication that utilises, but is not dependent on, language.  I use the forms, pattern and textures of our built, natural and virtual landscapes, combined with geometric designs, to explore how technology is changing how we perceive ourselves and our environment.  


Intricate hand-cut paper sculptures 




Digital technology has a physical infrastructure but is without a tangible or visible form. From its binary foundation, through coding, graphic interfaces, meta-data and learning algorithms,  our digital landscape employs layers of abstraction and separation.  

I explore this abstraction using fractured architectural references, repetition, geometric and collaged pattern to explore the concept of landscapes in an expanded field. The product is often an ambiguous, undefined space that draws parallels between the physical environment and a digital one.  


Mixed-media paintings 


My process is foremost about material experimentation, and then about the translation of ideas from one medium to the next






Process is both the mode of production and the story of how the piece evolves.  My work is not pre-determined by imagery but is often reactive, adding layers of paint, pattern, collaged elements or cut paper to construct the final piece. The result is a composition that has developed progressively.

By scanning and sampling elements from paintings, drawings and photographs I create both traditional and digital collages as a foundation for a new piece. Digital manipulation confuses the boundaries between the direct mark-making of painting or drawing and the reproduced article; a photograph or scan of a abstract elements, like painted drip marks, that arre then converted into a dot pattern for printing.



Collagraph texture based relief printing and screenprinting 

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